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About the Wicca Wicci

The Website

Update December 30, 2020 I don't even have site analytics set up on this wiki, so I don't really know if anyone has found it and is making use of my efforts. If you found this site and have questions, comments, or general feedback, you can find me on Telegram @wiccawicci.

Update December 23, 2020 The content on this site isn't exclusive to Cunningham, and I will be adding more original content to the materials sections over time, so stick around!

I launched in February 2019 as a comprehensive, searchable database of magical materials documented by Wiccan author Scott Cunningham. I am not a Wiccan, but Scott's research and information extends far beyond the relatively new religious orthodoxy known as Wicca, and I've found it's still helpful to anyone interested in the practice of natural folk witchcraft.

Since launching the Wicca Wicci, I've added hundreds of entries from Scott's writings on food, herbs, metals, and minerals in an easy-to-read format that allows quickly correlating different magical materials with their magical effects. All content is from Scott's books published through Llewellyn. I have restricted visibility of each entry to the basic correlation information. If you would like to read detailed information about each entry, please purchase Scott's books!

If you want to understand my approach to metaphysical and philosophical stuff, I'm working on a collection of thoughts. You can check that out under Philosophy.