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Magical Uses

Aluminum is, perhaps, the most misused metal in modern times. Aluminum cooking utensils have long been in vogue despite the apparent danger of the heat transferring certain elements of the aluminum to the cooked food, with possibly hazardous results.

Aluminum or forms of this light metal are found in everything from aspirin compounds to antiperspirants. It

is used to create soft-drink containers and aircraft parts.

This is a “modern” metal with no history of usage among earlier peoples. Aluminum is sometimes recommended as an alternative to mercury, which is traditionally attributed to the planet of that name. It is certainly less dangerous to use, but don't cook in it.

In magic, small pieces of aluminum can be carried to stimulate mental abilities. Due to its modern associations with travel, aluminum is also utilized in spells involving trips to distant lands.

Aluminum foil, which should be banished from every kitchen in the world, can be a tool of image magic.

Place a large sheet of foil on your stone altar. Light candles of the color that suits your magical need (see chapter 4 for specific magical information regarding colors as related to stones, candles, and magical goals).

With your magical need in mind, form the foil into the proper shape. Let its shape fuel your visualization; send energy into and through it to bring your need into manifestation. When finished, smooth out the foil and douse with water. Dry, flatten and use the same foil every day. Repeat until you are successful.

Recycling aluminum is a new form of “magic,” wherein we transform garbage into money. It's economically, ecologically, and magically sound, so if you have a recycling center nearby, save your aluminum and transform it into “gold.”</ifauth>