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This refers to individuals, groups, structures, authorities, entities, etc. who are are responsible for gatekeeping information. For example, academics include anthropologists, archaeologists, and historians, who are collectively responsible for building the narratives we use when discussing the past.

Academics also include doctors, medical researchers, chemists, and other people within the greater science and medicine umbrella. As we've seen throughout the COVID-19 Global Pandemic™️, scientists are not always truthful, honest, or accurate. Professionals in science and medicine have long been implicitly trusted by the masses, because their knowledge and expertise is relied upon to make life-or-death decisions, both as individuals and as nations.

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    What Is History?

    Much of human history is entirely unknown to modern humans - we have archaeological evidence of human settlements dating many millennia before the Christianization of Europe, but we have no historical record for much of the human evidence we find.