Sigils, Symbols, & Icons

Update September 6, 2022

I've been playing with animating vectors using native SVG and CSS - no scripts required! These are sigils, geometric shapes, and spirograph-style patterns you can use different ways. The spiral patterns are useful for breath training and other breathing exercises, and you might find some of these designs helpful for meditation. Check it out here!

Path Examples

Update February 13, 2022

Iconography and symbolism are a nearly universal aspect of humanity, and humans' use of symbolism can be found in tribes of people across the planet, and across many timelines and eras. The Tarotplugin-autotooltip__default plugin-autotooltip_bigThe Tarot


I have been reading tarot as a hobby and tool for introspection since late 2015. I was raised Evangelical Christian during the latter half of the Satanic Panic era, so I long believed tarot was tool for allowing evil forces into your life. This is not true at all. Tarot doesn't need to involve spirits, guides, or anything metaphysical. In its most basic form, tarot is simply a means of examining yourself and your life through the lens of nearly-universal human archetypes…
is a wonderful example of symbolism and imagery. Digging into pre-Christian European civilization, my own ancestors made liberal use of symbolism and iconography in their day-to-day life. One can find bulk lots of Bronze Age artifacts on eBay for surprisingly little money, and you can be sure that whatever you receive, there will be symbols among the pieces.

Sigils, on the other hand, are symbols created with specific metaphysical or magical intent. Their design may be more esoteric and less directly symbolic, but that's because sigils are meant to be special, as the point is to help direct and focus the energy you put into a ritual, spell, invocation, or similar. A lot of literature available on sigil magic is very Abrahamic in influence, primarily kabbalism. I do not practice any form of Abrahamism, which has left me to be a bit more creative in this particular branch of folk magic.

At the moment, my focus is on recreating symbols as vectors, making the iconography of Europe's ancient White tribes more accessible to us in the modern age. The files I've made available are clearly named to indicate whether they're for engraving/writing, or cutting (i.e. cutting out shapes).

I have done a little sigil work as well, and will be sharing my projects as I finish them. You might also be interested in the section on Runes.


  • Runesplugin-autotooltip__default plugin-autotooltip_bigRunes

    Runes are a somewhat complex subject, as a result of a combination of neopagan appropriation (which is a relatively recent phenomenon), and many centuries of bad information from Academia.

    As a result, what we know is very spotty, and filled with a lot of conjecture and assumptions built upon assumptions. We know that runes were used in inscriptions on stone, wood, metal, and other materials dating back to the early medieval period in northwestern Europe, but beyond that, things are murk…
  • My Sigilsplugin-autotooltip__default plugin-autotooltip_bigMy Sigils

    I am occasionally inspired to create sigils, and I enjoy sharing my work. Feel free to use these in your own energy, magic, and ritual workings.

    My sigil work focuses on using runes to infuse a design with meaning and energy. Any superficial similarities to other alphabets, languages, or systems of symbology are coincidental.
  • Viking Iconography and Symbolismplugin-autotooltip__default plugin-autotooltip_bigViking Iconography and Symbolism

    Sometime ago, I found and saved a low-resolution black-and-white scan of a photograph of a couple of Bronze Age artifacts - a Swedish vessel and a Greek pendant, both from long before the establishment of Christianity.