The Tarot


I write about tarot, along with reading tarot for myself (and select others).

New for September 2020!

I discovered the Greenwood Tarot and its artist's notes this month, and took the time to recreate the Wheel of the Year model that originally came with that deck.

Head to The Wheel of the Year for more information.

New For August 2020!

I've created a tool for determining your zodiac spread, based on your birthday and astrological signs. This makes use of a methodology described in Mary K. Greer's Tarot For Your Self.

👉 Check it out here! 👈

The tarot has been used for divinatory and meditative purposes since at least the 18th century. The 22 trump cards of the major arcana date back to the 15th century (the mid-1400s), but didn't find widespread application as a tool of divination until the resurgence of spirituality during the Romantic era.

This section of the wicci covers notes and thoughts on the exploration of tarot as a tool of psychological health and introspection, rather than a tool of divination and fortunetelling.

Readings provided are for reference use only. You must be a registered member to access this section. I currently tend to favor spreads from Psychic Revelation, because they're pretty straightforward. The specific spreads I use are listed on my spread templates page.

I am working on archiving as much of Alec Satin's work as I can find, because I think it's important to not censor information simply because we believe it might be “dangerous.” If you have archived content of his - especially spreads and spread details, please let me know!

If you're interested in the decks I use (or own), you can check out deck reviews here.