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Welcome to the Wicca Wicci!

You made it!

This wiki houses comprehensive information about Scott Cunningham's philosophy of natural magic. The goal is to have an easy-to-use index of materials, spells, and rituals searchable by a variety of characteristics. As of July 2020, the complete reference material from Cunningham's encyclopedias of both magical herbs and minerals have been added. Still to come is content from his books on magical cooking and essential oils.

I'm also a practicing folk witch pursuing the traditions of my prehistoric Germanic, Celtic, and Scandinavian ancestors. As my own practical knowledge expands, I will be adding new content to this wiki. I am not Wiccan and believe that the actual defined religion of Wicca is an intentional red herring to keep white Euro-descended peoples from following the spiritual path of their ancestors.

I also read Tarot! Please check out the Reading Tarot section for a detailed look at my philosophy of Tarot, along with information on the various decks I've acquired. I also share particularly interesting self-readings, but this content is only available to registered users. (The Wicca Wicci is not currently open for new user registration.)

If you're just interested in my crazy philosophical view and my perspective on magic, you can read about that over here. I've also written about Christianity and Wicca.