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Greenwood Tarot

Deck Notes

The Greenwood Tarot
Chesca Potter
Chesca Potter



The Greenwood Tarot is a well-known Tarot deck that has been out of print for some time (as of September 2020). It's apparently coveted by a lot of Tarot readers and collectors, but I find the artwork pretty juvenile and unappealing. What's much more interesting is the wheel of the year methodology created by the artist. She has generously provided her own thoughts on the cards and the wheel of the year at the deck's official website, here.

This deck doesn't follow the traditional RWS symbolism found in most modern Tarot decks. Instead, it links the cards to the Neolithic wheel of the year philosophy, in which our existence is inextricably cyclical, like the seasons of the year. The much newer (and much nicer-looking) Wildwood Tarot follows most of the Greenwood's methodology and symbolism, although the totem animals of the court cards are different.

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