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Alec Satin

For about two decades, a guy named Alec Satin made a name for himself in online (and offline) tarot communities as a well-read expert on the subjects of both reading tarot, and creating tarot spreads.

In 2015, Alec converted to devout Christianity, deleted his entire tarot website, and appears to have nuked it from the Internet Archive as well. The funny thing is, Alec's position on why he stopped reading tarot falls right in line with my philosophy when it comes to reading tarot:

  1. If you find yourself growing dependent on readings, stop engaging with tarot, either as a reader or a client. Addiction comes in many forms.
  2. Avoid divination, because you have no way of vetting who or what appears to be communicating with and instructing you.
  3. Reading for others brings with it a lot of risk and responsibility, especially if your client takes you at your word and blindly follows your advice.

Now, Alec views tarot cards as inherently evil, because he believes there is a malevolent spirit (i.e. Satan) controlling which cards are actually dealt in a spread. Obviously, I don't subscribe to this notion at all. What little I've found of Alec's material has really piqued my interest, so I will be cataloging his content here, for those interested.

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