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Tarot Zodiac Calculator


This tool uses the same methodology detailed in Mary K. Greer's Tarot For Your Self. It uses your birthday and your natal astrological chart to build a tarot profile. Enter your birthday and astrological details below, and choose up to three decks to display your results.

You can bookmark your results to make it easier to return to them in the future - I recommend this if you want to use this tool as a way of practicing daily reminders of the personal meanings you learn to intuit the more you use your cards.

More Details

If you don't know your astrological signs, that's okay - you can leave those blank, or you can use an online calculator like this one. I'm going to be adding a calculator to this tool so you don't have to provide your information to a third-party website, but until then, you'll have to look it up online. If you don't select any decks, the form will default to The Alchemical Tarot and the traditional Rider-Smith-Waite deck.

If you're new to Tarot, and you're interested in its potential for directing one's own self-understanding, this calculator is a good place to start. It will provide you a large spread of cards which are all oriented toward you - your personality, predispositions, character qualities, flaws, and everything else that forms you as a unique individual. Since you know yourself better than anyone else, telling your own story to your own spirit offers familiar territory, which makes it easier to let yourself get into working with the cards and the imagery. Every Tarot card's image has a timeless lesson hidden in its symbolism, so even if some of the cards don't seem relevant to you right now, their meaning may become more clear over time.

I also recommend doing this privately, as you would with a written journal of your deepest thoughts. Keep this exploration to yourself - it's about you, for your own self-improvement, and that's not something you should put on anyone else. It's definitely not something you should do for show, because that just defeats the purpose of the exercise. Take the time to go through each card individually, examining its imagery and plumbing the depths of its messages. Take notes on what aspects of the illustrations stand out to you or resonate with you, and don't be afraid to deviate from your deck's LWB - sometimes, the author's interpretation doesn't sync with your own intuitive one, and that's totally fine.

One last note: this tool mostly relies on math - both arithmetic with your birth date, and advanced trigonometry to calculate the positions of the celestial bodies for your natal star chart. While I don't think numbers have magic powers, the order math brings to the universe makes this sort of exercise more interesting. After all, if you find yourself coming to the same card throughout this calculator's results, there might be some much deeper messages waiting for you in that card, if you're willing to explore it further.

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